Open House | Philstage x Artists Welfare Project Inc.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine has been a trying time for a lot of our friends and colleagues in the performing arts community, most of whom are freelance and derive their livelihood solely from shows, gigs, and other events. Being freelance also means they escape protection that can be afforded to them by the state and the private sector as they are not considered “formal workers” or employees with benefits, 13th month pay, paid leaves, and the like.

While some may have social safety nets like family and other steady sources of income to help them through the uncertainty of this lockdown, a lot of our colleagues live paycheck to paycheck and are thus rendered very much vulnerable.

OPEN HOUSE is here to help them out. If you are a displaced worker in the performing arts community, OPEN HOUSE will be ready to extend you financial assistance, subject to qualifications and availability of funds. See posters for details.


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