PROOF OF LIFE: A Virtual Gallery & Online Auction

During times of uncertainty and crises, the Filipino artistic community are quick to use their talents to help out those who are affected – no questions, no hesitations. It is part of an artists’ nature to reach out and create work that reminds us all the importance of being human. They continue to offer free performances, conduct workshops, donate artworks, provide resources, and create content that would ease the anxieties of audiences looking for some positive news these days.

However, artists also need our help. Most members of the artistic community are freelancers who heavily rely on the gig economy to sustain themselves and their families. Artists depend on spaces, events, festivals, and other public gatherings to perform in, sell their artwork, and cultivate audiences for the products or services they earn from. Public gatherings are postponed indefinitely or cancelled completely, threatening their means of supporting their daily needs.

The Team at Pineapple Lab hopes to help some of these artists by launching “Proof of Life,” a virtual gallery and online auction featuring the works of local artists. Sales during the online auction will directly benefit the visual artists along with Pineapple Lab’s Artist-in-Residency Micro-Grant, where local artists can apply for support.

“Culture must live and spread faster than the virus.” – Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General.

Bidding Mechanics:

1. Bidding for each work begins on the date of posting and ends on Sunday, April 26th 2020 @ 6PM.

2. Starting bids will be included in each post and will increase in increments of P500.

3. To bid, simply comment on the photo with your offered amount. If you wish to bid privately, you may message Pineapple Lab with your desired bid. The team at Pineapple Lab will update the bid and it will be posted in the comments section of the post.

4. Feel free to message us if you have any questions or concerns.

Payment, pickup, and shipping:

1. Payments will be carried out through online bank transactions. Buyers will have to 3 days from the end of auction to close the sale. If payment is not made, the work will be sold to the next highest bidder or the artwork will be put up for auction once more.

2. Once your bid has been finalized, you can mow transfer your payment in 3 ways: – Direct Deposit You may transfer it to our BDO account with these details: Account Name: Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan Account Number: 004900121188 – PayPal Transfer it to – Ticket2Me Transfer it via Ticket2Me using this link (link to follow) Once transfer has been done, please send a screenshot of the payment to with the subject Proof of Life – Artwork Payment

3. Works will be made available for shipping once it is safe for all parties involved. Hi-res digital versions of the work(s) will be emailed to the buyer(s) in the meantime.

4. Shipment of works will be coordinated with the artists. Shipping fees will be paid for by the buyer. Pineapple Lab will mediate communications between the buyers and artists to ensure a smooth transaction.

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