Beyond The Numbers

ILOSTMYGIG.PH (Philippines) is inspired by the initiatives of ILOSTMYGIG.COM (USA) ILOSTMYGIG.NET.AU (Australia) ILOSTMYGIG.SG (Singapore).

(ILMGPH) was established to collate data to quantify the devastating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on independent businesses, the arts, culture and the creative industries in the Philippines.

The impact of this crisis should not be ignored and also requires quick-response actions by government and other agencies.

We are recording the total income lost, the number of jobs lost and the number of industry workers impacted. While getting accurate figures are vital to knowing the statistics on affected communities in the arts and cultural sector, we aim to collect and share the stories beyond the numbers; the individual hardships that together paint a picture of a creative community in crisis.

#220 | 2 workshops for March & April were cancelled due to the lockdown. Participants already paid but I had to refund them. No sales on retail and even my Shopee shop is closed since no courier will ship non-essential goods.

#58 | Sourcing, funding, production, networking, working, filming, distribution — for a proposed, copyrighted, worldwide film that was planned to be released in 2021-2022 — all lost now because of this pandemic.

#97 | I work as a freelance writer/assistant director/production designer, so most of my gigs require physical presence in a production set-up. It’s hard to just sit at home waiting for the virus to taper off as I watch my savings deteriorate.

#208 | Due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, it has compromised my business dramatically. I am not employed and this is my only reliable source of income.

#162 | I am an events hairstylist. I have been in the industry for 4 years. I have no other source of income aside from other freelance gigs.

#182 | We have a really, really poor internet connection at home and because of this I cannot accept projects online or even be a full-time online freelancer.

#73 | I’m a professional magician. My income comes from busking, corporate, or wide-scale event. The months right after the holidays are the most challenging & to be rendered completely paralyzed like this, it’s like starting the whole year all over again.

#224 | We were prepared to sell at festivals and produced products through loans. The cancellation of events like the Panagbenga Festival means a big loss. I also ordered raw materials that did not arrive due to the quarantine.

#225 | We supply sunflowers to flower shops all over the metro and the cancellation of domestic flights means that we cannot import the flowers. All orders also got cancelled because no one (supposedly) goes out so all of our clients closed their shops temporarily.

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