Life under lockdown: Pineapple Lab Part 1

April 25, 2020 | In this two-part conversation, we invited artists and Pineapple Lab co-owners Andrei Pamintuan and Jodinand Villaflores Aguillon to talk about how their life and artistic practices have been affected by the pandemic. They also share their on-going project,, which investigates the impact of the national emergency on the creative industry. [ READ MORE ]

ILOSTMYGIG PH quantifies the vulnerability of creatives during COVID-19

April 23, 2020 | Beyond the figures, ILMGPH also collates the individual stories of creatives. Snippets of these anecdotes are published in their Instagram account, putting an intimate frame to their personal battles and losses at the time of COVID-19. They are also providing resources such as directories for free psychological services, art communities that are in need of help, and other materials that can help creatives endure these trying times. [ READ MORE ]

COVID-19 Resources for Creatives

April 22, 2020 | Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the creative community has been struggling to stay afloat amidst project cancellations and income loss.  Bandwagon has compiled a non-exhaustive list of resources that may be helpful for creatives in such times. The list will be continually updated as and when additional resources surface.

I Lost My Gig (PH) crowd-sources its responses and tallies them up to derive a rough gauge of the impact of COVID-19 on the creative industry, and also offers resources from gigs to support groups available for creatives.  [ READ MORE ]

City Spotlight: Manila | #ArtInMyCity

April 17, 2020 | A new initiative, ILOSTMYGIG.PH, also seeks to assist those in the arts, culture and creative industries from the devastating impact of the pandemic. Not only do they aim to record the total income lost by workers in the arts sector, but their platform also provides support to creatives by sharing different community-led and artist relief schemes. This includes Para Sa Sining #HomeNotAlone, which is a fundraising project to help performing artists, cultural workers, and production crews who are in need of immediate support during this time of crisis. [ READ MORE ]

Artists helping fellow artists

April 6, 2020 | “Think about our world during the enhanced community quarantine without the arts – no movies, no music, no online museums and galleries, no dancing, no designers making apps like TikTok or Houseparty, no free online concerts, no  online art classes, no food shows, no youtube, no theater plays and musicals available. All these are possible because of artists and creatives. Shouldn’t we want to take care of them and champion cultural rights, too?” [ READ MORE ]

COVID-19 and the Arts in Southeast Asia

March 27, 2020 | As the world contends with the new normal of temperature checks, home quarantines and travel restrictions in the age of COVID-19, artists find themselves reckoning with a lack of paid jobs coupled with an existential question of the meaning of art in these times. There has also been an awakening of sorts as communities find ways to band together, finding strength in solidarity. There have been personal acts of philanthropy to help others who are in a bind, while some naturally turn to art to spread a message of hope to the world. 

This is a global pandemic, yet people are subject to the actions of their governments, some of whom have been slow to respond to the growing crisis. We look at what’s happening on the ground around Southeast Asia, and how artists and cultural workers are doing. [ READ MORE ]

I Lost My Gig monitors Filipino creatives’ income loss due to COVID-19

March 31, 2020 | Independent businesses, the arts, culture and the creative industries are suffering a lot of income loss due to the pandemic. Freelancers in particular have been bearing the brunt of this loss since projects are their main source of living. Work for them is almost impossible in this climate.
This is where the website, I Lost My Gig, steps in. Collating data from freelancers nationwide, they can paint a picture for people in power on how to help these workers. [ READ MORE ]

Coronavirus: Who’s There To Help?

April 1, 2020 | We are putting together a list of links and communities and their initiatives launched to pull the creative pool together amidst the challenges in live entertainment.

This list will be updated weekly. Know an event or project that can be added? Email

I LOST MY GIG has launched its PhilippinesMalaysiaAustralia and Singapore version digitally involving creative producers from visual artists, musicians, DJs to photographers, arts manager and booking agents. [ READ MORE ]

Digital: Learning and Working From Home – Upskilling Opportunities to Take Advantage of and Organizations Showing Creative Support as Business Copes with COVID-19 Concerns

April 5, 2020 | To help the creatives out there who want to learn from home, we’ve compiled a list of pages, groups, and communities that are offering up upskilling opportunities either for free or a fraction of what they would normally cost. Below is also organizations showing some support to displaced creatives.

[] created a survey on creatives and artists who lost work due to the pandemic, and is open to all sorts of disciplines – whether you’re a performer, a musicians, independent filmmakers, makeup artists, or even creative hub owners. On the page, people will also find resources on educational opportunities and possible gigs. [ READ MORE ]